Everyone’s favourite summer look is glowing, healthy, bronzed skin - unfortunately, not all of us have the time to sit out in the sun all day and a lot of us are less than confident when it comes to applying our own fake tan! Luckily, we’ve prepared four steps for achieving and maintaining that flawless and easy summer glow, anyone can do at home!


1. Preparation

One mistake most of us are guilty of making is forgetting to prepare our skin for our fake-tan! Exfoliating and moisturising your skin is a must for ensuring a long-lasting and even application. Ensure your skin is clean, exfoliated, moisturised and dry before applying your favourite fake tan.

Tip: It is best to do all this around 8 hours prior to applying your tan to avoid the dark pore look. Here at The Beauty Collective, we like to do this in the morning so we can tan in the evening and allow our tan to develop overnight!


2. Application

There is nothing worse than a streaky tan - but luckily for us, this is easily avoidable by using the correct tanning equipment! The Simply Essential Tanning Mitt allows for a super smooth, even looking tan without getting your hands dirty.

Tip: To get even coverage over your back without needing to phone a friend, use the ModelCo Self-Tan Back Applicator.


Here at The Beauty collective, we tanning gals have come to the consensus that tanning right before bed will give you the best effect the next morning – try to avoid sleeping with skin touching skin to avoid rubbing or smudging of the tan. It is recommended that you use dark sheets but don’t worry if you can’t because ModelCo tanning products are washable!


3. Correction

Even the most experienced self-tanner can have a few patchy, missed areas, lucky for us ModelCo has some amazing products which help us combat this.

The ModelCo Tan Remove Exfoliate Double Sided Body Wipes help to effortlessly remove those awkward self-tan streaks and patches of unwanted colour.

To keep your tan looking even, try using the ModelCo Tan Self-Tanning Glove Single Use Sachet which provides enough product to touch up any areas that you may have missed during your tanning. Make sure to shower first before trying to correct any areas.

Tip: For easy removal of your whole tan, try the ModelCo Tan Remover Exfoliating Soap to avoid a streaky, half-removed tan.


4. Maintaining

To ensure the longevity of your tan, try to avoid very hot showers and heavy exercise for a few days after your tan application.

Skin hydration is also key to maintaining your tan but ensure you’re moisturising with a non-oil-based moisturiser in or directly after your shower to keep your tan looking fresh.

Tip: A gradual tanner is also a great way to keep your tan looking fresh and bronzed. The ModelCo Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturiser is the perfect everyday essential to keep your tan looking dark and streak-free.


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Photos from Pinterest and @ModelCo Instagram, featuring @karinachorley wearing the MC2 Tan Mousse and @sarahjeavons wearing the Self-Tan Dry Body Oil