It is a proud time to be a New Zealander as on Monday 4th Dec, newly elected Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that the New Zealand Government will be banning the manufacture and sales of microbeads and all associated products.


This is a HUGE win in the fight against plastics but some of you may be wondering, what are microbeads and why should we ban them anyway?


Microbeads are small pieces of plastics that are used in cosmetics such as toothpastes and face washes as abrasives. They are usually made of polyethylene but can be made of other petrochemical plastics such as polypropylene and polystyrene.

The problem with microbeads is not only do they not biodegrade, but with most being less that 5mm, they are small enough to go down your sink and can pass through water filtration systems making them too small to retrieve or recycle.


You may think that microbeads are harmless but with 100,000 tonnes of plastic microbeads being used every year, they end up in the sea and the marine food pyramid.


Not only do marine life eat them causing long-term damage, but, it has now been found that 90 percent of birds have plastic in their stomachs too! Microbeads’ also end up in humans through toothpaste and through eating seafood that has ingested micro plastics and the toxins that come with them.


New Zealand companies have 6 months to remove microbeads from their products before the ban comes into force.


Lucky for us, all of our products and brands represented here at The Beauty Collective are proudly microbead-free.

So you can use them, guilt free!


Go New Zealand!