There is nothing worse than looking back at your vacation pictures where you’re sporting some great humidity-caused frizzy hair and wishing you hadn’t made the last-minute decision to ditch your hair straightener for a slightly lighter and more organised bag.


We’re all guilty of forfeiting life’s little luxuries while traveling but let’s leave that in the past! The team here at The Beauty Collective have spent our summer testing our range of travel accessories to bring you our three travel must-haves to help you save space and stay organised so you can keep stylish while traveling.


One thing that is always a struggle while traveling is  s p a c e  and when you’ve only got limited room in your makeup bag the decision between your favourite 750mL bottles of shampoo and conditioner or that extra eyeshadow palette can be a challenging one!


Luckily for us, QVS has a range of travel bottles which means you can have room to take your shampoo, conditioner AND that extra eyeshadow pallet! Amazing, right?! The bottles range from 10-110mL, so you can pack more beauty goodies with you and keep everything organised while you do it!


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So now you’ve got your space issue organised, where do you keep all of your favourite beauty products?


Tender Love + Carry of course!


TL+C has an amazing range of toiletry bags to suit every need and style. Their hanging washbags, and box sets are equipped with three zipped sections to keep all of your possessions organised and safe. Trust us, we can NOT live without at least one of these in our suitcase.


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Packing and unpacking your bag is undoubtedly the most annoying part of traveling, especially when you have packed three possible outfits for every one for the 7 days you’re going to be away…

But one way to make it easier for yourself is with Globite’s range of packing cubes and bags to help separate and organise your luggage and take the headache out of packing! 




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That’s it, three travel accessories we can’t live without to help make your next adventure a successful, organised and stylish one!


Now go on, pack up and go!