Want that messy beach wave look without the quick dip each morning? (although ideal, who has time for that!)

Here at The Beauty Collective we have created the easiest 6 step guide to creating everyone’s favourite summer-do.


To create this look you’re going to need:

-       Small-medium hair rollers – the smaller the rollers, the tighter your curl/wave will be (approx. 10-20, depending on your hair thickness and length)

-       A comb (a tail comb will help with sectioning your hair)

-      Bobby pins ( at least 2 per roller)

-       Styling mousse – optional, but helps hold the style longer

-       Texturing sea salt spray – optional, but helps hold the style longer and gives it that extra beach vibe

-       A hair dryer - optional, but can speed up the waiting time. 


1. Start with damp, clean hair. If you want to get a bit fancy, now is the time to run some styling mouse through it. f you are anything like me (lazy), feel free to skip this step.

2. Use a comb to section your hair into three parts; the top, and the two sides. Continue to split these three sections into smaller, roller-sized sections. I use the bobby pins to hold the separate hair areas.

3. Starting from the bottom of your hair begin to roll your hair into the rollers. Always roll your rollers under towards the roots. Secure the rollers in place with a bobby pin.

4. Continue to roll rest of your hair and let the rollers sit. We suggest you do your makeup, watch some Netflix, eat something, or pet your dog. I use a blow dryer to speed up the process – heat on the rollers also helps the curl.

5. Once your hair is dry, take out the bobby pins and gently roll the rollers out of your hair. If you pull them, this will also brush your hair out slightly which can be a good thing.

6. Run your fingers through your curls to mess them up slightly and if the curls are too tight for your liking, run a brush through them. To add some extra volume, spray some texturizing sea salt spray through your hair and muss up.


And that’s it, 6 very simple steps for that perfect, professional-looking summer do.


Now go show off your flawless beach waves – or just keep sitting on the couch – you do you.


Images from Pinterest.