As the final working week for 2017 draws to a close, the team here at The Beauty Collective are prepping for a great summer break. As we reflect on the year that was and our favourite trends, we can’t help but all love how masks have changed our skin routine for the better. And we can’t be the only ones – after all, facemask was the most Google-searched skincare category for all of 2017!


So, sit back and relax as we give you the rundown (and a quick history lesson) on the biggest skincare trend of 2017.


Where do facemasks come from?


No one can pinpoint exactly in history when and where facemasks originated from, but for thousands of years women all around the globe have been using creams, gels and various concoctions to treat their skin and enhance their natural beauty. One example of this is in ancient Egypt around 60-30 BC, where beauty was regarded as a sign of holiness, so naturally, royalty and the like took great care about how they presented themselves.One of the earliest and most famous examples of an ancient facemask was used by Queen Cleopatra, applying a concoction of gold and egg whites on her face to give a younger and more nourished look. 


What are facemasks?


Facemasks come in many varieties and can be used to treat skin imperfections, or just for a pampering session! You have clay masks, cream masks, gel masks, sheet masks, peel off masks. So how do you know which is right for you?

Our suggestion is to check the packaging carefully – it should say whether is suits your skin type. If you are unsure of your skintype – you can check here.

Here are some pro tips: if you have dry skin, it should hydrate you. If you have oily and congested skin it should draw out impurities. If you have red or inflamed skin, it should calm and soothe.

Facemasks are usually left on for 10-15 minutes and contain ingredients that your skin will love like clay, mud, essential oils, herbs, vitamins and aloe vera, just to name a few.


So, why mask?


Firstly, with quality facemasks containing high levels of active ingredients, they are able to target specific skin problems or areas you want to improve, and they do it in just 10-15 minutes. In our busy lives we need something that will work and work fast!


Secondly, we love that not only do masks have endless skin benefits, but they also make you stop and take time out to relax. As we head into the busy (and slightly stressful) festive season, we all need a bit of TLC.


So, put on that mask, grab a glass of your favourite drop, play some decent music, and kick your feet up – relax and soak up those skin benefits. 2017 may have been the year of the facemasks but we can’t see them going anywhere any time soon! BRB– I’m off to mask.


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