Curl Wonder¨ Lash Curler



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The CURL WONDER lash curler not only curls lashes, it also separates and curves them to create a more dramatic effect across the entire eyelid. Spreads and fans lashes Elegant 24-carat gold plated Perfect for all eye shapes Shaped for optimum curl and safety This is the one beauty tool no professional make-up artist would be without. With its revolutionary flat edge and curved bar design, the CURL WONDER makes it even easier to get the naturally beautiful lashes you've longed for. HOW TO TIPS: 1. Always work in front of a mirror with good natural light 2. Ensure lashes are clean and dry. Always use before applying mascara so lashes do not stick to the metal bar or pad. 3. Open the curler and slip over lashes. 4. Gently squeeze the curler for about 30 seconds. (don't apply excessive source as this may break the lashes). 5. Fully open curler before removing from the lashes to avoid pulling or breaking lashes 6.Now repeat on the other eye. 7.Make sure you keep the rubber pad and curved metal bar of the curler clean.

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